Research focus

The research theme is Molecular control of signaling in cancer associated with aging. To study signal transduction molecules, scientific interests are in understanding the molecular signalling machinery controlling fundamental cellular processes like cell death/survival, migration and cellular differentiation. and this project specifically added mitochondria and aging. With this in view, comprehensive analysis of these MAPK signaling will provide important insights into the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cancer. Understand MAPK signaling, our group should be able to develop innovative therapeutic concepts that will enable us to attack tumor cell.

Research objectives

  • The RAF/MEK/ERK pathways controlled by protein kinases are involved in the initiation and progression cancer forms
  • Understanding of cancer associated with aging there should be developed new therapeutical options for tumorgenesis
  • Biomarker strategy development and implementation for oncology clinical trials

Team members

  • Dr. Jaeyoung Shin
  • Sofia Faes Morazzo

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jaeyoung Shin
Dr. Jaeyoung Shin
Principal Investigator Junior
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